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Your Dallas DUI Lawyer And Plea Agreements

Your Dallas PA DUI lawyer may tell you at some point you can choose to take a agreement or you can go to trial. It can be tough to decide what you would like to do. Both have their pros and cons associated with them. It does depend on the type of case you are in court for and what the consequences will be of each in Dallas.

In many instances, individuals who are guilty of a crime will take a agreement with your Dallas DUI lawyer. They would rather pay a fine, complete community service hours, and be on probation than to go to jail in Dallas. In some circumstances, there can be jail or prison time as part of a bargain. However, it would be less than if you were convicted of the crime at a trail. For example, the agreement may be 5 years in jail versus 20 years with a guilty verdict.

Individuals who aren't guilty of a crime often struggle with the plea bargain with your Dallas DUI lawyer. They feel it tells the world they were guilty after all. Yet they may be fearful of going to jail or taking their chances with the jury. It all depends on the evidence that is being presented and what your Dallas DUI lawyer has to share with you. Some people are dead set against going to jail so they will take a plea just to make sure that doesn't happen to them.

In a very challenging case where there is a huge consequence if found guilty, putting it all on the line to go to trial may be what you have to do. Your lawyer will work hard to prepare your defense. If any benefit of the doubt can be offered, then you could get a not guilty verdict. Once that happens, you can never be tried for the crime again.

Only a fraction of cases ever go to a jury trial though. They can be long, expensive, and drawn out. You may not wish to have all of your personal details in the courtroom and in the media in Dallas. You may wish to keep it as low key as you can. If you have children, you may take a plea in order to protect them from all of it.

There is never an easy answer when it comes to taking a bargain or going to trail with your Dallas DUI lawyer. You have to trust your Dallas DUI PA lawyer and listen to what they tell you. While you have the ultimate decision, they are the expert with your type of situation. They can tell you what they would recommend and why. They can tell you what they feel your chances would be if you went to trial.

If you aren't completely happy with the bargain, let your lawyer know what you accept and what you don't. They may be able to go back to the prosecution and try to negotiate it for you to be accepting of it. The prosecution often doesn't want to invest time or resources to go to trial either. It certainly doesn't hurt to try it and see what they say! Get Dallas DUI Lawyer from ml. You have read, Your Dallas DUI Lawyer And Plea Agreements.
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